How`s Germany people live

 how do german people live

How do German people live

Who is not interested in knowing about people living in different parts of the world. While living in India, can you imagine how people would live in Germany?

These are the three colors of the German flag

Questions will also arise in your mind that how people live in other countries, what they eat, what they think, what they like to use? A typical opinion of most people abroad comes out about what an average German person is like. A study described how German people really live in their everyday life.

When defining an average German person, many people say that the Germans are punctual, well-organized, environmentally conscious and beer drinkers. Some people might not even stop to say that German people wear sandals with socks and they don't understand the joke. But what exactly is an average German-like, trying to find the answer together by the four major publishing groups in Germany, the Auxel Schapringer, the Bawer Media Group, the Gruner Yar, and the Hubert Burda Media.

Symbolbild Klischee-Deutscher Socken in Sandalen
German people are seen wearing sandals with socks

Difference between speech and action

There are some very interesting results in this study, which clearly shows that people say something and do something else. The study found that Germans, generally considered very environmentally conscious, do not make much difference between a gas-powered SUV or an electric motor-driven car when they think of buying a new car. Moreover, about 44 percent of people who eat fast food several times every week also say that it is most important for them to take care of their health.


Regarding these contradictions found in the nature of the people of Germany, Helmut Krauze Jölberg of the Axel Springer Publishing Group says that these results only show that people's attitudes about a lot of things are changing, but in putting it into practice It will take time, "Whenever you compare people's real behavior, you will find that what they actually buy and use will always be their He walks behind thinking. "

What do you think of yourself

A large brewery in Germany asked the German people in a survey conducted some time ago, how do they care about themselves. Approximately 35 percent of those who responded described themselves as "typical Germans". About the same number of people said in response that they do not see themselves in this category, while the rest of the people could not decide whether they are "typical" or not. About 73 percent of the people included in the survey do not consider themselves as honest, punctual or dutiful as is the common belief.

In Germany, famous for breweries, beer lovers are becoming less fond of them. Yet Germany still ranks third in the world after the Czech Republic and Austria in terms of per capita beer consumption every year.

Oktoberfest 2013
Germany's Octoberfest draws tourists from all over the world every year.


Another popular belief about the German people has been that they do not understand jokes. No data on this was found in this new study, but ten years ago Richard Wiseman of Hertfordshire University did research in many countries about the joke. The result was that the German participants who took part in the study had more laughs at the jokes than the people of the rest of the countries. This led Wiseman to conclude that the German people found all kinds of jokes very funny. This means that the ability to understand jokes in German people is not much developed.


What sells

In this study, it was also found that while buying clothes, the German people pay the most attention to be comfortable. More than half of Germany's population was unanimous that they would not like to spend more than 100 Euros in the market for new shoes.

This kind of information is very useful for companies selling everyday things. On this, Krauje Jölberg says, "These results can prove very useful in terms of reaching the right buyer through accurate advertisements. That is also its purpose."
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