Singapore is the most beautiful country in Asia


Singapore is the most beautiful country in Asia

If you also want to travel abroad, then it would be beneficial for you to choose the island of Singapore, because here people of different religions, cultures, history, and language of different countries live together.

Singapore is located between Malaysia and Indonesia in South Asia. By the way, Singapore is considered as the lion's city, that is, it is also called the city of lions. This city is blessed with nature. The predominantly Chinese and English languages ​​are prevalent here. There are many recreational spots here, as well as it is a thriving city with modern technology and convenience.

There are a variety of recreational sports, which attract the attention of tourists. Singapore is one of the world's most important ports and is also a major trading center. The airport here is full of modern technology and facilities. After seeing many beautiful scenes here, it seems difficult to remove those eyes before the eyes.

After moving to Singapore, if you want to see India there then there is a place where Indian food and all other things are easily found. There are many things you can see near the South Indian Udland Hotel. Along with this, many types of Indian dresses are also easily available here. You can find all kinds of Indian goods even in the big multi-story malls in Singapore.

Why Singapore is special, know some special things:


According to a legend, when a Hindu prince of Sumatra island went to Singapore island for hunting in the fourteenth century, after seeing lions in the jungles there, he named the island as Singapura ie Island of lions.

1. Among the major sights of Singapore, three museums here, Jurong Bird Park, Reptile Park, Zoological Garden, Science Center Sentosa Island, Parliament House, Hindu, Chinese and Buddhist Temples, and Chinese and Japanese Gardens are worth visiting.

2. Here the train passes through the forest, mountains, waterfalls and the flowing trees, plants and flowers. It seems as if we are dreaming a dream. Various colored orchid flowers attract tourists in the Botanical Garden here.

3.  Here you can see different types of birds and colorful flowers and beautiful forms of nature. Not only this, you can see the sunset on the flowing waves.

4.  Singapore zoo is a perfect place to entertain tourists. Many types of wildlife are also seen here - eg, chimpanzee, comodo dragon, polar bearers, etc.

5. Tourists can enjoy cruise trips or visit all the attractions of the island via ships. The musical fountain here also cannot remain without being attracted.

6. The Hoppervilla theme park is unique and enchants the tourists. China's culture is displayed in this huge park.


7.  In 1965, it separated from Malaysia and a new Singapore nation emerged.

8.  Modern name Singapore and old name Singapore remains inscribed on Singapore dollar and cent coins.

9. Singapore is considered as the capital of cuisine in Asia.

10. At night, Singapore looks like a horizon.

11. If you want to shop in Singapore, then everything is available here at a reasonable price.

12. Singapore has a lot of craze for new couples who want to celebrate their honeymoon abroad.

Why Singapore is a major center of business:

On the other hand in Southeast Asia, about 1500 km from the Nicobar Islands. Singapore, a beautiful and developed country far away, is considered to be a major center of tourism and business for many years. It is also believed that modern Singapore was founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles. Who was sent to Singapore as an officer of the East India Company by the then Delhi-based VoiceRoy for the purpose of increasing trade?

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